Laughs, Tears and Embarrasment 

Ok so today I decided that I’m going to try and write daily blogs everyday but I might miss a few days ! As some you of you already know if you read my lat blog , this account is anonymous ! My friend gave me a shoutout on er Instgaram account and now everybody is texting her asking who I am ! I don’t want you to know because I like having a page where I can talk about things but not have people knowing that it’s me ! Today in school I had quite a fun day ! We still haven’t got properly into class work yet as this is only our second day back so we are just chilling out with some work but it’s mostly revision work ! During our lunch break I slipped in the middle of the hall and my face turned bright red ! It was soooooooo embarrassing as the worst part was my crush ( who I will be calling LINE 9 which is an old thing that he probably doesn’t remember ) was right behind me and seen it all ! 😳😳 ! So the next part of my heading is tear and to be honest this is something that makes me feel really hurt and rejected so it’s kind of a soft spot . I am very small in size and my weight is a very small number ! Sometimes I hear people talking behind my back and saying things like ” is she anorexic ?” And “is that a skeleton or is it ( my fake name for Girl Online so that it’s still anonymous) Maicey ?” And to be honest sometimes it all gets a bit too much for me to know that people say these things to deliberately hurt me ! 😭 ! Anyway away from all of the sad stuff I hope you guys enjoyed this and if you did could you please like it or follow me xx

Girl online , Going offline xxx

1st ever blog !!!!

hi guys , so this blog is going to be totally anonymous and only a few people will know who I am , I am going to be kept under the name , Girl Online as I am such a big fan of Zoella , I watch lots of youtube channels and I have an Instagram account on which I currently have 1.6K !!!! I hope you enjoy my blogs ! I am not yet sure whether they are going to be weekly or daily but I think it might be just a mix ! Ãdios for now !❤️

Girl Online , Going Offline xxx